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Debbie lives on a sheep farm in Cumbria where she lived with her her husband Andy, who sadly passed away in June 2021.

She trained as a teacher in Leeds, a career path that she followed for 30 years before spinal degeneration forced her into ill-health retirement.

Debbie's  love of fell walking blossomed when she met Andy, a keen hillwalker himself.





















But in 2008, she was diagnosed with spinal degeneration and was no longer able to walk the hills she loves so much. Andy refused to go exploring without his walking partner because it didn’t feel right. After a spell of feeling sorry for themselves, Debbie and Andy teamed up with TerrainHopper, makers of a 4x4 all-terrain wheelchair, so they could get out into the countryside again. With their hiking boots on and TerrainHopper charged and ready to go, they travelled coast to coast across the North of England, in the spirit of Wainwright.
















​Debbie often get asked how people can improve their accessibility, from community groups to organisations, individuals and businesses – She is here to help!

​The very fact that you are asking the question is a step in the right direction. Debbie can help you make small changes that would have such a positive impact on the experience of your users, colleagues, customers or friends! 

​From workshops on auditing of accessible stile free routes to Accessibility Awareness presentations. Debbie can tailor her level of input to your individual requirements, meaning that no question is too big or too small. 

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