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A Book describing the best stile free walks in the Yorkshire and Cumbria Dales

A collaboration between Debbie North, access champion in the Yorkshire Dales, and local walking guide Jonathan Smith, brings together 32 of the best ‘Accessible’ walks (those without stiles) in the Yorkshire and Cumbrian Dales.

The walks vary in difficulty between short strolls of a mile or two to more strenuous walks including climbs of a selection of the Dales 30 mountains.

The book includes:

  • Detailed description of all 32 walks
  • Sketch map of each walk
  • Colour photography throughout the book
  • Facts and anecdotes on the walks and area

In addition, other local experts give their views on Accessible Accommodation, the Policies of the National Park on access and a case study from the Clapdale estate.

The Foreward is written by Amanda Owen, the Yorkshire Shepherdess & Patron of the ‘Access the Dales’ Charity.

Walks Without Stiles

Expected to be shipped by the end of October
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