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In loving Memory of Andy North

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

It was Andy's wish that we raise the money to buy an all terrain wheelchair for children with disabilities for use in the Yorkshire Dales.

It is for this reason that we have set up a Just Giving account in memory of Andy.

Andy had a passion for the Yorkshire Dales and if he wasn't at home, he would be found up on the fells. Andy was an inspirational Deputy Head of a primary school in West Yorkshire for many years and made a difference to the lives of so many children.

Life changed significantly when I was diagnosed with spinal degeneration and since I became a wheelchair user the pair of us have become ambassadors for accessibility to the outdoors.

Photo credit - Liv Bolton from The Outdoor Fix

Following a short illness, Andy sadly passed away on 29th June

Andy has asked that people dig deep into their pockets (he knows that this can be hard for the Yorkshire folks like himself!) to donate towards the purchase of an all terrain wheelchair specifically for children. This will be located in an idyllic spot in the Yorkshire Dales where families will be able to borrow it and will be able to share beautiful moments and enjoy the landscape that brought Andy so much happiness.

I am really pleased to report that we have already reached our target of £12K and I have already ordered the first Terrainhopper mini. But we think we can achieve more! For this reason we are setting up a charity called Access The Dales so that we can continue to raise money and buy more chairs that will be located in different parts of the Yorkshire Dales.

If you have any ideas about how we can raise more funds, please get in touch. We want to hear from you!

Andy North

August 1965 -June 2021


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